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About Our Company

SG&A SERVICES has provided image management, network infrastructure, and standards knowledge to its clients for many Enterprise Imaging applications including PACS, RIS, billing, VR, and teleradiology projects since 1984. Our recent addition of program offerings include department operations assessment and playbook, service line Integration and development, IT/VNA white board planning session and deployment strategy. Our consultants can assist our clients with these new strategies with the most cost effective and efficient models today. Working with I.T., Imaging Services, Bio-Medical, and other clinical department stakeholders, SG&A SERVICES understands an institution's diverse needs for the successful deployment of an Imaging project, no matter the size.

A privately owned, independent consulting firm, SG&A SERVICES works exclusively with healthcare provider institutions, keeping an unbiased vision of what's best for the clients. Our firm is structured to be flexible and responsive to its clients by providing customized consulting services to fit your needs. We have a passion for excellence and are dedicated to providing the highest professional consulting services.

SG&A SERVICES consultants have been recognized as experts in the industry, focusing on analysis, development, planning, deployment, and adoption of an Enterprise Imaging solution. The consultants currently have over 400 individual implementations.


SG&A SERVICES clients are large and small hospital inpatient and outpatient facilities, imaging centers, and Integrated Networked Healthcare providers. These organizations are all seeking to leverage and integrate hospital and imaging information and PACS systems with enterprise-wide network, storage, and security strategies. Consolidating today's multiple vendor strategies into one single Enterprise Imaging strategy is often the single largest challenge.


Clario partners with hospitals, imaging centers, and private practice radiology groups to improve radiologists' efficiency through integration. Clario's flagship product, zVision, provides a benchmark unified worklist, intelligent real-time monitoring of practice statistics, advanced search, communication tracking, and integrated peer review.


Medical Documents

Interpreting medical images involves mental spatial calculations that often result in the loss of some clinical information. Researchers are developing a solution that could improve reading accuracy and efficiency by allowing physicians to see and interact with tissue in space as if it were a 3D object.

This approach has the potential to provide a paradigm shift in the areas of diagnostics, surgical planning, and treatment by allowing doctors to focus all of their attention on solving clinical problems without the need to struggle through the interpretation of 3D anatomy using 2D views. The solution is EchoPixel, offering a revolution in 3D medical imaging products.

Echo Pixel

Stuart C. Gardner, President & Founder

Stuart C. Gardner is the founder of SG&A SERVICES LLC. He has over 35 years of network and radiology image management and PACS industry experience. As an industry entrepreneur, Mr. Gardner co-founded two leading PACS companies.

In 1985, he co-founded AVP, a PACS teleradiology company that was later acquired, and co-founded Merge Technologies, the world's largest provider of DICOM product and applications tools in the industry, in 1987. He is also a past member of ACR/NEMA DICOM Standards Committee from 1985-1992.

Stuart Gardner is one of the original developers of the DICOM 3.0 Standard. He is an expert in the Picture Archive and Communications Systems (PACS) with 24 years of experience in assisting in the selection, deployment (project management), and training of both RIS and PACS.

Additionally, Stuart Gardner is the founder of the industry's first PACS System Administrators School. He is currently an SME and leading consultant in Healthcare Imaging Informatics, infrastructure and storage strategy, development, and implementation.


  • RIS/PACS Integration, Including Multi-Vendor & Multi-Site Environments
  • Vendor Neutral Archive Requirements
  • Project Management

Richard W. Rieck MD PhD – Medical Director

  • Practicing Neuro-Radiologist

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Debbie Duke – MHA CRA

  • Director, Client Services

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